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Moreish Food – Woman Of The Month (October)

Moreish Food

This has been a Woman of the Month feature that I have been absolutely looking forward to. I have watched this amazing lady, a very close friend of mine, grow into a talented entrepreneur and I am honoured to share Brittany’s story with the world. All of the amazing dishes you see above were created by Brittany and let’s just take a minute to appreciate her photography skills as well!

Welcome to Moreish Food – Brittany’s story

When Tarryn asked me to be her Woman of the month for October, I felt that it was such a special privilege. Writing about my journey to my healthy lifestyle and home business, has been something I have wanted to share, because my story is at the heart of what I do today. As a child, my mom always cooked our food from scratch. Fast food was foreign to us and on days where my mom didn’t feel like cooking for us, she did anyway. We ate good, wholesome food.

When Brittany was 11 years old, and her brother was 13, their mother, Jennifer tragically passed away to melanoma cancer. That was the moment that Brittany’s life drastically changed. There was no longer a mother in the home to nurture the family. Brittany’s dad, Les, didn’t often cook. It was something he had relied on Jennifer to do however Les very quickly had to take on the role of two parents. It was not an easy role, especially having to  feed two growing children and having many additional responsibilities.

A struggle with finding a balanced diet

Cooking was a large task for Les and it was no longer a time to bond at the dinner table as a family. After a while, Les lost interest in cooking and it became about fending for themselves. They no longer ate as a family and there was very little consistency in when and what they ate. Often Les would pick up fast-food to save the trouble of slaving away in the kitchen and it meant there was food for the next day too. Nutrition became unfamiliar to their family. When Brittany visited her grandmothers, she would watch them in the kitchen and slowly learnt a few basic skills. She would sometimes cook dinner in the week, but it took a lot of extra time and school was a huge commitment on its own.

Healthy Breakfast

My Gran Julie would serve us scrambled eggs and fried tomato on toast and a cup of tea. My gran Imce, would cook her “special breakfast” of perfectly poached eggs and crispy bacon served with a bowl of warm porridge and a glass of full cream milk. Breakfast was the most important meal of the day for them!

After finishing school and moving to Durban in 2010, Brittany took a gap year where she worked as a waitress and then went on to start her degree, a BBA in Marketing Management in 2012. In 2013, Brittany lived with her boyfriend , Ryan,  who was also studying and was a part-time a DJ. They both enjoyed a life of partying, copious amounts of alcohol and fast-food. When Ryan decided to focus more on his degree and cut back on his DJ hours, they both decided to study from home. Their night life of parties slowed down as they began to focus on finishing their studies.

In our final year, we were under immense pressure and stress. I lost 12kgs and Ryan lost 20kgs. At the time, I couldn’t see a problem with the way I looked. I was happy to not see rolls in my tummy and cellulite in my legs. I became more conscious of what I ate, to maintain my new slender body. I stopped eating carbs as I considered them to be fattening.  We started running when we met and we would run up to 4 times a week. When I started working, I was on my feet all day with minimal breaks. I felt my body burning out.

I started going through a period where I felt tired every day. My legs felt heavy, I had no energy and I just couldn’t seem to figure out what was wrong. I developed excruciating upper back pain and I was emotionally drained. I no longer enjoyed my job, I was always tired, my back hurt and I became so miserable. At that point in my life, I became an emotional and physical wreck.

It was at this period of Brittany’s life that she realised she needed to help herself. She made an appointment with a local Iridologist. After a few tests, the Iridologist discovered that Brittany’s liver was inflamed. She explained that her liver was overworking trying to process all the animal protein with the lack of actual calories in her diet. She was put on a 28-day raw fruit and veg detox to restart her system. Close to her follow-up appointment, she felt like a new person. Her back pain had improved and her energy levels were restored. When she met with the iridologist again, she was pleased to notice that her liver was no longer inflamed.

Healthy Lunch

From this whole experience, I learned that a balanced diet and lifestyle is about choosing healthy options from all the food groups to supply my body with the nutrients it needs and to enjoy exercising my body, not to the point of exhaustion. I only eat whole foods and no longer include processed food and refined sugars in my meals. I have never felt healthier and this to me, is balance.  

A changed woman with a healthy diet

From eating no carbs, Brittany slowly started including brown rice, rye bread, oats and sweet potatoes into her diet. She goes to gym daily where she trains with a mix of weights and cardio.

Carbs Toast

Learning to listen to my body has been the best way for me to keep a balance between eating well and exercise. If I am hungry, I eat, but I make sure what I eat is going to do more good for my body than bad. After an intense workout, I make sure that I have oats or a slice of stoneground bread with my meal. Eating carbs makes a huge difference in my energy levels throughout the day. I always make sure Ryan and I eat a good breakfast, wholesome lunches and dinners. I like to eat fruit with a handful of nuts, granola and chickpeas for between meal snacks if I get peckish. I cannot believe how much food we eat in a day!

Both Brittany and Ryan try to create a balance between work, a social life, healthy eating and exercising. Together, they motivate each other to be the best that they can be. How amazing do they look together!

Britt & Ry

Moreish Food Diary begins

Brittany started her Instagram page @moreishfooddiary as a “diary” to share her homemade meals and hopes to be an inspiration to people who are wanting to eat healthy but think that it is boring, expensive and time-consuming. She wants to show her followers that eating fresh produce can be enjoyable, simple and affordable. The photos uploaded to her profile simply reflect her style of food – real, wholesome and delicious.

Moreish was a word that I came across and thought about for a while. It’s definition, “so pleasant to eat that one wants more” played in my head over and over. I really enjoy my food and always want a second serving, so I knew it described my food perfectly.

At the beginning of 2017, after leaving her corporate job, Brittany decided to perfect a granola recipe to start selling on the side for extra money while she looked for a new job. She spent time experimenting with recipes to create one that had the perfect crunch, with a hint of sweetness and spice for a warm flavour. After 2 months of trial and error, she finally made a batch of granola that was exactly how she imagined it to be. To this day, the demand for her granola has continuously grown and Brittany never ended up in a corporate job again. Instead, she started au pairing for a lovely family and baking her granola full-time.

Healthy Granola

There are currently 5 retailers that stock Brittany’s Healthy Homemade Granola in Durban KZN, South Africa:

  • Nouriti Health Cafe at La Lucia Mall
  • Nouriti Health Cafe in Umhlanga
  • Home Grown at Ballito Lifestyle Centre
  • Healthy at Umhlanga Centre
  • Fitness Factory at Northwood Boys School

What’s next for Moreish Food?

Moreish Food is where Brittany hopes to keep growing her recipes and sharing her love of food as well as her passion for creating healthy meals at home. She hopes to expand her Healthy Homemade Granola business and launch a website and online purchase system. With a growing supportive community on her social media accounts, Brittany aims to keep her product offering simple and exciting. Perhaps one day we will see a recipe book out too!

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