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Nicola Schoeman – Woman of the Month (September)

Tiny Tale of Annaleah

I didn’t lose who I was when I became a mother, I found myself in motherhood.

Nicola currently works 3 work-from-home jobs, not counting the full-time job she has of looking after her beautiful daughter, Annaleah, who recently turned one. It takes Nicola a lot of juggling and a lot of self-sacrifice but she makes it work, as many mothers do. There is no question about Annaleah being extremely photogenic and this has enabled her to model for Elaine Otto Photography as well as Ice Models Agency. Nicola juggles jobs as an Accountant and Marketing Manager for Walts Malting as well as being the Social Media Manager and Blogger for Ubuntu Baba. She also has her own web and graphic design business on the side that she is busy getting up and running.

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During the time before Nicola met her husband, she felt extremely lost and recalls many failed romantic relationships. Nicola recalls feeling very frustrated within herself as her dream of marriage and a family in the upcoming years were becoming a fantasy, rather than a realisation. Ultimately, she had a passion for children and longed to have her own.

Nicola met her husband online. At the time, they were on the opposite sides of the country and were only connected by a video game that they played together online, with constant chatting. Nicola and her husband met up and shortly after, there relationship blossomed into nothing short of true love. Although they had only been dating for a few months, they got engaged and married within the year. Annaleah was born several months after they got married and although it happened quickly, Nicola and her husband are extremely happy together and have found a new type of love in each other and their daughter, Annaleah.

I love you, not just because you are you, not just because you are a part of me. I love you because you showed me who I really am, you turned a girl into a purposeful woman!

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Nicola whole-heartedly stated that when they had their baby girl, she had never felt more complete. Despite the experience and journey having a child being overwhelming and riddled with sleep deprivation, Nicola found her true self in motherhood.

Breastfeeding has been an important part of the bond which she has developed with her daughter. She believes that it forms an intricate bond and part of attachment parenting, and wants to continue breastfeeding for as long as possible.

Nicola recently shared the sad news that she miscarried her baby. Despite the difficult news, Nicola has remained as strong and optimistic as ever. Nicola urges women and moms to speak up about miscarriage, infant loss and fertility. Ladies, the comfort that you will receive will most likely be more than you imagined and will give you the strength to push through the difficult situations that you may be facing!

Through Nicola’s pregnancy and recent year of motherhood, she has found a new passion in all things birth and baby and plans to become a doula in the near future. Nicola dreams of helping other women through this special and intimate time of their lives.

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Asking me to be your woman of the month came as a surprise because a lot of the time, especially when you’re a mom, you feel like you’re barely making it through and sometimes you even wonder if you’re making a difference at all. Recently, I got very sick and the doctor said I was completely overworked and needed to rest which was a funny thought to me because when you’re a mom there really is nothing like “rest”. Although I’m tired and drained, I’ve never been happier.


Shortly after Nicola’s baby girl was born, she converted her Instagram account to @tinytaleofannaleah. Nicola has partnered up with a photographer, Elaine Otto, and together they produce beautiful photos of Annaleah in the cutest outfits. Nicola tries to support local manufacturers and companies, in Cape Town as well as South Africa.

Tiny Tale of Annaleah is a mom and photographer combo, celebrating all things baby.

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If you would like to read more about Nicola’s ongoing journey of motherhood, refer to the links in this blog post. Feel free to send any additional queries through or comment below and share your wonderful pregnancy and birth memories!


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