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Lana Laynes Cakes – Woman Of The Month (August)

Lana Layne Cakes Owner

Lana’s passion for baking started when she was just a little girl. Lana remembers that every time she attended a birthday party, she was always intrigued by the birthday cake.

Lana inherited her ‘sweet-tooth’ from her Ouma (grandmother). She recalls memories of her earlier days, where she would be upset or crying and her Ouma would dip her finger into a bowl of sugar and give it to Lana to taste and ease her grievances – it worked like a charm, every time!Lana Layne As A Child

I have personally known Lana for almost 12 years and she has intrigued and inspired me with her strong entrepreneurial drive. Lana has always been a keen entrepreneur with her first business opportunity commencing when she was just 11 years old. Lana and her classmates were given the opportunity to make some pocket-money by running their own side-line business at school. Lana commenced selling her family favourite, Chocolate Fudge Squares (which I have tasted and are divine!). Her little business quickly became successful and within a short time, her side-line business had become profitable.

Layne Layne Baking Young


Lana is a full-time Banker with her Masters in Innovation, Management and Technology living in Umhlanga, South Africa. She is an extremely hard-worker with a strong sense of business and an ambitious mind. Despite being a hard-working business woman, Lana has a heightened passion for baking. All of her gorgeous creations are self-taught through Google, blogs, TV shows and simply trial-and-error.

Once Lana reached university, she started to bake cakes for friends’ birthdays as a gift.

I never really had the budget to buy extravagant gifts. I soon realized that a cake brought more happiness than a present. I had so much fun creating different kinds of cakes, with different themes.

I clearly recall receiving many beautiful cakes from Lana that were so delicious, I would finish the entire cake off within the day of receiving them. Not only were they great tasting but they were absolutely beautiful, filled with love and detailed effort. These are just some of the gorgeous creations that Lana has made for her special friends and family:

Lana believes that a cake is more than a plate of food or something tasty. She believes that a cake has a connecting function that brings people together. It is a delicacy that is always shared!

This belief holds true and I got to experience it first-hand, as Lana volunteered to make my wedding cake for me. To this day, I still have friends and family asking me who had made my cake, as it was so soft, tasty, fresh and beautiful. A truly special gesture that will never be forgotten, and will forever be a highlight of my special day.

Lana Wedding Cake


Despite Lana’s business, study and work-life, she has always been dedicated to her passion and her ambition. Lana constantly amazes me with her energy, strong-will and desire to achieve. She never puts anything less than 100% into everything that she does and commits whole-heartedly to her passions. I have watched Lana grow over the years and I admire her tenacity. Lana is the perfect example of a busy business-woman who makes time for her passions and her dreams.


Lana recently had exposure with a production team which has given her a taste of what it is like to be on a reality show. Lana’s dream is to be a part of a baking reality show and to eventually start her own coffee shop, where she would be able to sell her cakes – I don’t doubt that this will happen one day soon, Lana! In order to ensure that she delivers the absolute best quality in her coffee shop,  Lana intends to travel and visit bakeries around the world to taste their cultural baking specialities and to use this as inspiration in her future baking endeavours.

She is also currently working on a blog in her spare time which will be a platform to inspire other passionate and amateur bakers, like herself.

This is currently a work in progress so watch this space for some exciting and inspirational baking posts and recipes!

Lana Layne Bake Plans


If you would like to see more of Lana’s beautiful baking creations then go ahead and follow her on Facebook or Instagram:

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Sandy August 4, 2017 at 4:43 am

Fabulous write up on an extraordinary young lady who is following her dreams. She is so talented but at the same time so level headed and a WONDERFUL person. All the best Lans….can’t wait for your coffee shop.

Tazzyuntangled August 10, 2017 at 2:09 am

Thank you, Sandy! I agree that Lana is an extraordinary young lady and a wonderful friend!

Ingrid Bunge August 8, 2017 at 2:02 pm

I taught Lana a while ago-at Epworth School, she displayed the same tenacity as she does in her business. A lovely kind person, she deserves to go very far. Those cakes look delicious!

Tazzyuntangled August 10, 2017 at 2:14 am

Thank you Ingrid. Lana and I both recall our time in your classes and your fabulous lessons that still benefit me to this day (especially, the essay writing!). Agree that Lana is a lovely person and deserves to go far!


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